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Karma Leela Buddhist Greeting Cards & Prints $7.99 Flat Shipping*

It is with great joy that we offer to you our unique collection of over 300 highest quality Buddhist Greeting Cards, altar cards, and fine art and giclée prints. Each one is lovingly created to express the heart and wisdom of the Buddhist path.

Our on-line store is dedicated to Ohana Maitreya, an independent non-profit organization that gives 100% of net proceeds from purchase to empowering Buddhist nuns in India (omfund.org).


Please enjoy browsing through Karmaleela's selection of over 230 Buddhist Greeting Cards and 65 Fine Art Prints to view or purchase. 100% of net proceeds directly benefit Tibetan Buddhist nuns. Thank you.

Sacred Art Gift Cards

Sacred Art

Buddhist Greeting Cards of exquisitely photographed statues from Tibet, Nepal, and the world of Buddhism.

Dharma Wisdom Gift Cards

Dharma Wisdom

Buddhist Greeting Cards boxed sets of delightful photographs with quotes from Buddhist scripture.

Thangka Painting Gift Cards

Thangka Painting

This series of Buddhist Greeting Cards are suitable for Buddhist deity meditation practice.

Altar Cards Gift Cards

Altar Cards

These Buddhist Greeting Cards are Visual Aids for your Meditation practice.

Himalayan Culture Gift Cards

Himalayan Culture

The richness and color of this priceless Buddhist Greeting Cards heritage speaks for itself.

Art Walk Gift Cards

Art Walk

Contemporary artists and photographers support the OmFund with contributions from their portfolios.

Animal Friends Gift Cards

Animal Friends

Our "Harmonious Friends" Buddhist Greeting Cards are some of our greatest teachers!

Animal Friends Gift Cards

Art by Nuns

These delightful and delicate drawings by young nuns of D.P.J.G. Mahayan Buddhist Nunnery.

With Our Thoughts

Sacred Art Fine Art Prints

8 categories - 39 Fine Art Prints

Om The Primordial Sound

Art Walk Fine Art Prints

5 categories - 26 Fine Art Prints

Altar Card Prints

Altar Card Prints

1 category - 15 Fine Art Prints


With the ubiquitous use of e-mail and instant messaging, a hand-written card takes on special significance..........

Buy our Buddhist Greeting Cards for a friend and keep one for yourself!

Sold in our elegant "curious gold" gift box sets, all Buddhist Greeting Cards are digitally printed on highest quality paper from sustainable forests. Featuring exquisite photographs and art work with quotes from Buddhist scripture, KarmaLeela Buddhist Cards & Fine Art Prints is a delightful and affordable way to enjoy, share, and preserve the art, wisdom, and flavor of Buddhist and Himalayan culture.

*$7.99 Flat Shipping - Continental USA Only

100% of net proceeds from your purchase directly benefit Buddhist nuns through Ohana Maitreya.

When the causes convene and the time is come, the consequences can do nothing but flower. -Lord Buddha  
The playful, creative display of the Divine.-Sanskrit
Ohana Maitreya
100% of net proceeds from your purchase directly benefit
Tibetan Buddhist nuns through Ohana Maitreya.
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